How to get files from linux server to windows 10 via scp

Some scp command practices. Let’s say we have a virtualbox installed linux and ssh service is active. We can use scp command to download a file from it. So in this example there are many weird things like port number and why Very misguiding. All because of the virtualbox setup. Let’s say the virtual machine doesn’t have an IP number, so then we can do port forwarding in
Settings>Network>NAT>Advanced>Port Forwarding
as Name: ssh, protocol TCP, Host IP, Host Port 1922 which is optional value, Guest Port 22 which is default ssh port. I use Git Bash to be able to use the most common linux commands in a terminal in windows desktop.

userinwind@computer MINGW64 ~
$ scp -P 1922 [email protected]:/home/userinlinux/Downloads/file “C:\Users\userinwind\Downloads”

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