Create WordPress Site in VestaCP

Assuming that you hired hosting service and has got ssh credentials at the moment.

Vesta Control Panel:

  • USER \ Add User
  • Login {USER}
  • WEB \ Add Web Domain (IP Address is the server’s IP)
    • IP Address is Server’s IP
    • DNS Support check
    • Mail Support check
    • SSL Support check (requires a couple of minutes after hit Add button at the end)
    • Additional FTP check
      • Create FTP credentials

If Cloudflare was being used for SSL support for this domain, set DNS in Cloudflare’s panel up to the new domain name.

At the server’s control panel set DNS up to the domain name and nameserver’s in according to the Cloudflare’s configuration.

Wait a couple of minutes for DNS settings to get updated.

Download WordPress:

~> cd ~/web/public_html/
~> wget
~> untar -xvf latest.tar.gz
~> sudo chown -R {USERNAME}:{USERNAME} *

Last line be careful at the USERNAME variables of here, they need to be the username that you created in the Vesta Control Panel.

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