Storj Notebook


Uplink CLI Practices

Setting up configuration of client workstation

Config File: ~/.config/storj/uplink/access.json

$ uplink setup

1. Enter name to import as [default: main]: NAME_OF_CONFIGURATION
2. Enter API key or Access grant:  *****...
Imported access "NAME_OF_CONFIGURATION" to "/home/$USER/.config/storj/uplink/access.json"
Switched default access to "NAME_OF_CONFIGURATION"
3. Would you like S3 backwards-compatible Gateway credentials? (y/N): 

How to select access config

$ uplink access use NAME_OF_CONFIGURATION

How to create access grant

Create access grant by following instructions and download the access file to somewhere safe. Then:

~> uplink access import main accessgrant.txt

Create bucket

~> uplink mb sj://bucket-name

How to list remote folder

~> uplink ls sj://bucket-name

How to upload file

Note: Only files can be uploaded, not folders

~> uplink cp ~/image.png sj://bucket-name

How to download

~> uplink cp sj://bucket-name/image.png ~/Downloads/image.png

How to delete a file

~> uplink rm sj://bucket-name/image.png

How to use FileZilla with Storj

Get Filezilla from original website, this is the only way to get Storj feature among connection protocols, then:
– select Storj among protocols
– enter satellite info if you get during creating access grant, generally
– logon type: normal and use the access grant key as password

How to create backup automation for wordpress websites

  1. Create storj account with end-to-end encryption
  2. Create access management
    1. Create S3 Credentials
    2. Name it
    3. Select all permissions
    4. Choose your bucket and duration if you want.
    5. Generate passphrase and save and keep the file until death
    6. Save those 3 info that’ll be generated:
      1. Access Key
      2. Secret Ket
      3. Endpoint
  3. Open Updraft Settings page in your WP dashboard
  4. Choose S3 Compatible among remote storages list
  5. Enter asked credentials, don’t forget to add S3 location as s3generic://your-bucket-name

Optionally, it is possible to use folders in bucket, create folder via storj web interface then use that folder name at the end of your S3 location in settings:


How to Hosting in Storj

Only static page is possible, CRUD feature is accepted.

$ uplink cp -r build/ sj://hosting/
$ uplink share --dns sj://hosting/

Add that info to your DNS settings, e.g.

=========== DNS INFO =====================================================================
Remember to update the $ORIGIN with your domain name. You may also change the $TTL.
$TTL    3600         IN  CNAME     IN  TXT     storj-root:hosting/     IN  TXT     storj-access:jv6************************

Add those details in cloudflare dashboard in DNS section as:
type: TXT | name: txt-www | content: storj-root: … like given above
type: TXT | name: txt-www | content: storj-access: … like given above
type: CNAME | name: domain-name.tld. | content:

Don’t forget to add . dot at the end of your domain and content in CNAME entry.

Notes : There must be at least one subdomain declared, if there is no, then www must be added as txt-www, then add forward page rule as from root URL to www.root-url.tld

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