Notes on Web3 Projects

Environmental Project Example

Plastiks — Gold Prize Winner of 10,000 cUSD and 2,000 CELO1

Plastiks2 took advantage of the resources and support provided by Celo Camp to upgrade its marketplace. It added a new feature called ‘Collections,’ which allows companies, organizations, and individuals to list collections of NFTs backed by recycled plastic. One of the most popular collections launched so far is from Hotel Lancaster Paris. Each NFT in that collection represents a voucher for a one-night stay for two people and is backed by plastic recovered in Brazil.

Better Monetary System Project Example

zKredit ― ZkApp for secure, private and bias-free mortgage credit3

The project uses Mina to create a ZkApp that checks certain data points about a user such as their credit score and their average monthly income over the last two years to facilitate mortgage extensions without having to expose other data points, thus increasing personal privacy throughout the process.4